The Bridge Accelerator is a binational training program designed for existing small to medium-sized supplier companies in the El Paso-Juarez region on the U.S.-Mexico border. We work intensively with our participants for 12 weeks, helping them grow their skill sets and produce a refined pitch for investors. Each cohort program culminates in Demo Day, where the companies present their pitches to regional manufacturing executives and production leaders.


But the Bridge doesn’t end on Demo Day. We and our Binational Founders Network of alumni companies continue to support our entrepreneurs as they navigate the journey to success.

About The Bridge Accelerator

What we do

The Bridge Accelerator Program was created with the goal of expanding connections between local supplier companies and manufacturers/maquiladoras in the Paso del Norte region. The Juarez – El Paso region has one of the largest concentrations of manufacturing output in North America. However, according to data from SIDE and COPARMEX, only 2% of current suppliers contributing to the region’s $39 billion USD manufacturing supply chain are locally based.  We view this as a unique opportunity to create economic and collaborative growth through connecting and developing local talent with larger regional manufacturers.

Including figures from last year’s cohort up through the first quarter of 2020, The Bridge Accelerator’s total value to date is USD $4million in sales and 108 new jobs created. 

After completing The Bridge Accelerator program, our alumni companies join the Binational Founders Network (BFN). A lifelong peer mentorship and support network in El Paso, Texas; Ciudad Juarez, Mexico; and the Paso del Norte region, the BFN facilitates long-term professional relationships through our programs and events and provides promotion through a marketing partnership with Technology HUB.

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About the program

The Bridge Accelerator’s rigorous 12-week development program is designed for existing successful companies with high growth potential and proven capabilities, providing them with the mentoring and assistance they need to further scale their businesses.

Program content includes:

  • 12 week-rigorous training in El Paso and Juarez
  • Weekly sessions with experts
  • Speaker series with international professionals
  • Pitch training and development
  • End-of-program Demo Day event for companies to showcase their value propositions to leading manufacturing executives and investors.

All our participants compete for a $10,000 USD prize in seed capital awarded on Demo Day.

12-Week Innovation Curriculum

  • Fundamentals of Innovation and New Rules of the Game
  • Customer Map, Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Pitch Kit Preparation
  • Fundamentals of Agile Planning and Scrum
  • Microsoft Week*
  • Compliance and Quality Systems
  • Sales Plan, Financial Modeling and Strategy
  • IP Strategy and Teams Building for Co-Production
  • Capital Investment: Benefits, Responsibilities and Obligations
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Four Special Topic Sessions (e.g. Advanced Tech, Ethics)


The Bridge Accelerator is possible due to major financial support from Microsoft TechSpark Program.

In partnership with:


Additional support for the program comes from:






Our Sustainability Commitment

The Bridge Accelerator is committed to training 75 companies in six cohorts over the next three years, with the goal of these companies receiving at least $7.5 million in new purchase orders and creating 200 new jobs. Technology Hub in Juarez and Pioneers 21 in El Paso are fostering an innovation economy in the Paso del Norte region by nurturing the next generation of businesses and entrepreneurs. Programs such as The Bridge Accelerator help create the collaborative networks that empower an innovation ecosystem, grow businesses, and add high-value jobs. Our geographic location on both sides of the U.5. - Mexico border gives us a unique advantage to achieve these goals.

As a business accelerator, we take pride in being able to contribute to our community of entrepreneurs as a non-profit entity. To ensure the sustainability of the program, we don't ask for any share or ownership in your company as equity--we are not a stockholder. Our only request is a 5% commission of the additional sales or new contracts which are generated by our management efforts. Currently, The Bridge Accelerator registration is available at the extremely discounted rate of $2,500 per company due to generous support from our sponsors. The 5% commission of the additional sales or new business will be supported by a tax deductible donation receipt and will ensure that our accelerator program remains alive and affordable for coming generations of entrepreneurs.
Our management team and board of directors is committed to continue working with potential partners and sponsors, if you would like to become one, please reach out to us at (915-727-2323) or

Thank you,

The Bridge Accelerator Organizing Committee

Speakers 2019

Héctor González

Former Chief Technologist and director of Business Ideation at Ricoh Innovations Corporation.

Óscar Ortega

Former Regional Technology for Social Impact Coordinator for Microsoft Philanthropies Latin America and Corporate Citizenship Growth hacker. Innovation Manager.

Ernesto Salgado

Data network virtualization specialist, former service engineer and current Cloud Solutions Manager of MTNet.

Adys Dávila

Consulting & Market Intelligence Director and Project Manager/ Business Development/Market Intelligence Fellow at Victoria147 – one of the Women Entrepreneurship Centers in Mexico.

Sergio Alanis

Senior Consultant World Bank Group Board Member at Enture Capital, consulting firm endorsed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Andree Marquis

Innovation Director for Bosch, HP and Caterpillar


The Bridge Accelerator has a goal to foster economic growth by nurturing the next generation of local businesses & suppliers and expanding their connections to compete in a globalized marketplace.

So far The Bridge Accelerator program has facilitated $11.27 million USD in sales for participating companies, helped create 254 new jobs within the region, and assisted to achieve $540,000 USD in realized investment and $530,000 USD in pending equity investments. The impact is clear, yet we are only beginning.

Binational Founders Network

First Cohort


Second Cohort


Third Cohort


A collaborative effort

The Bridge Accelerator is a collaboration between Technology Hub in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and Pioneers21 in El Paso, Texas. As one of Mexico’s premier innovation communities, Technology Hub in Ciudad Juarez brings together industry, innovative startups, and trendsetters under one roof. In El Paso, Pioneers21 helps entrepreneurs and companies launch and grow through coaching, targeted networking and connections to investors, technical assistance, and expertise. 



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  • Join our binational accelerator program

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program creators and its main financial backers are both in Juarez and in El Paso. Taken together, Juarez and El Paso constitute one of the largest concentrations of manufacturing in North America. This regional marketplace creates big business opportunities for SMEs and businesses capable of supplying goods and services for manufacturers in the region.

Furthermore, we believe that by increasing the technical skills, business expertise, and innovation capabilities of business ventures in all sizes, we will create new opportunities for our region while generating the necessary momentum for these companies to take part in the global marketplace. We sustain that many of these opportunities build on the fact that we are a border region, not in spite of it.

The program is for executives and staff of SMEs and larger companies with operations in El Paso and Juarez. It is designed for companies with some familiarity providing parts or services to large manufacturing companies in the Paso del Norte region.

Yes, the cost is $2,500. We are able to offer the program at this rate due to the generous support from our sponsors.

Throughout the program, participants will:

  • Understand the unique requirements and challenges the manufacturing industry and binational business culture present to suppliers.
  • Identify different types of innovation and how it applies to the manufacturing supply chain.
  • Understand models of intellectual property protection.
  • Articulate a value proposition and define competitive advantages and new go-to market strategies.
  • Develop financial models and identify types and sources of funding.

Content and methods include:

  • Business model canvas applied to manufacturing suppliers.
  • Specialized workshops, lectures.
  • Networking events, working groups and panels.

Participating companies will compete for a prize of $25,000 to grow the business.

We differentiate ourselves from other programs for many reasons. First, our program it is very specialized. It is designed for companies with high-growth potential and proven capabilities to become suppliers of manufacturing companies in the region. Second, leading manufacturers in the region have been part of the program design and are eager to build business relationships with suppliers that complete the program. Finally, it is truly binational. We expect half of participating companies to be based in El Paso, and the other half based in Juarez.

The program will last for 12 weeks. If selected, your company must commit 1-2 staff participants to attend The Bridge sessions every week on Tuesdays afternoons from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. and Wednesdays from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. (SUBJECT to CHANGE)

Sessions will take place in both Juarez and El Paso. In Juarez, they will be held at Technology Hub, located at Ave. Lopez Mateos 924. In El Paso, sessions will take place at The Hub of Human Innovation located at 500 W. Overland Suite 230.

Yes, passports are a must. Sessions will take place in both Juarez and El Paso, therefore, participants from your company need to be able to cross the border back and forth between Mexico and the United States.